Vespa scooter cover

With spring and summer ahead, many scooter riders are starting to feel it again. Especially with nice weather there is no more ideal means of transport in the city than a scooter. The Vespa scooter remains as popular as ever and that is why we would like to tell you more about the Vespa scooter cover of DS COVERS.

Vespa scooter cover

Vespa models

For years, Vespa has been the leading scooter brand responsible for popular scooters such as the Vespa LX, Vespa LXV, Vespa S, Vespa S Sport, Vespa Primavera, Vespa Sprint, Vespa GTS, Vespa GTS Super, Vespa Sei Giorni and Vespa 946. Also in the electrical field Vespa is certainly not lagging behind with the new Vespa Elettrica.

Ideal in the city, but unfortunately not everyone in the city has the possibility to park his scooter indoors or dry, which means that the various weather elements, such as rain and UV, have an impact on a scooter. If you cannot store your Vespa dry, we recommend protecting it with a Vespa scooter cover from DS COVERS. This will keep your Vespa dry and clean!

Specifications scooter cover

Our Vespa scooter cover is made of strong 300D polyester and has ventilation flaps. This allows any condensation to escape under the cover. Furthermore, the cover has a strong elastic hem and lock holes that can be used to lock the cover on your Vespa.

Size advice

We have a suitable Vespa scooter cover for every Vespa, both for scooters with and without windshield. Below is a list of the most common Vespas. Click on the link and you will be taken to the CUP scooter cover page with the right size selected for your Vespa.

Cover suitable for Vespa LX
Cover suitable for Vespa LXV
Cover suitable for Vespa S
Cover suitable for Vespa S Sport
Cover suitable for Vespa Primavera
Cover suitable for Vespa Sprint
Cover suitable for Vespa GTS
Cover suitable for Vespa GTS Super
Cover suitable for Vespa Sei Giorni
Cover suitable for Vespa 946
Cover suitable for Vespa Elettrica

Is your Vespa not listed? Then contact us and we will help you quickly with the right size.

The advantages

A brief summary of the benefits of our Vespa scooter cover:

  • Your Vespa stays dry and clean when you cannot park it inside.
  • Any condensation can escape through the ventilation flaps.
  • The life of your scooter is extended because it is less affected by the weather elements.
  • You hide your Vespa from the sight of possible thieves.
  • You simply attach the scooter cover to your Vespa with a chain lock through the lock holes.
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