Porsche 911 car cover

The Porsche 911 is the most iconic sports car in existence, according to many. Whether you agree or not, the fact is that this car has a very large fan base. For the best protection during storage, DS COVERS offers happy owners a Porsche 911 car cover in different variants.

Porsche 911 car cover

Porsche 911 protection

The Porsche 911 is a so-called luxury car and in many cases is not driven daily. Many 911s therefore spend a great deal of time standing still in the garage or under a carport. In order to appear on the road in a shiny car when the opportunity is suddenly there, it is best to park your Porsche 911 under a proper Porsche 911 car cover. DS COVERS offers both a fully tailor-made and universal Porsche 911 car cover, both available in an indoor and outdoor version.

Fully tailor-made

The LUXX indoor and SUNN outdoor car covers are tailor-made in our workshop to the exact model of your Porsche 911. These covers have mirror pockets in the right position and the pattern of the cover follows the shape of the car. Because these car covers are built to order, you can choose from a large number of colors, pipings and logo print options. This makes the LUXX or SUNN car cover completely adaptable in appearance to your Porsche.


The BOXX indoor and MAXX outdoor car covers are both universally fitting car covers with a coupe fit available in five sizes. Both of these covers are more competitively priced than the car covers that are custom made and available from stock. The BOXX indoor car cover has a beautiful Stretch-Fit, is available in five colors and can be printed with a logo.

The right Porsche 911 cover

With the introduction of the Porsche 992 in 2018, Porsche launched the 8th generation of the 911. For all generations, DS COVERS offers a suitable car cover for indoor or outdoor protection. In the table below you will find the (from) price per generation and type of cover with a link to the relevant product page with the correct size for your Porsche 911 selected.

ModelLUXX car coverSUNN car coverBOXX car coverMAXX car cover
911from € 289,95from € 329,95M (from € 129,95)M (€ 169,95)
930from € 299,95vfrom € 329,95M (from € 129,95)M (€ 169,95)
964from € 299,95from € 329,95M (from € 129,95)M (€ 169,95)
993from € 289,95from € 329,95M (from € 129,95)M (€ 169,95)
996from € 299,95from € 339,95M (from € 129,95)M (€ 169,95)
997from € 299,95from € 339,95M (from € 129,95)M (€ 169,95)
991from € 299,95from € 339,95M (from € 129,95)M (€ 169,95)
992from € 299,95from € 339,95M (from € 129,95)M (€ 169,95)

More information about the history of this beautiful car can be found on wikipedia .

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