The following care instructions will extend the lifetime of your DS COVERS product.

1. Make sure you have sufficiently cooled your motorcycle or scooter before you place the cover. An exhaust in particular can heat hundreds of degrees, allowing the cover to melt on the exhaust. You can prevent this by cooling it down first.

2. Always place your motorcycle or scooter on a stable surface, preferably out of the wind as much as possible. By using a protective cover, your motorcycle or scooter can catch more wind and possibly fall over.

3. Prevent algae formation by not placing your motorcycle / scooter with cover under a tree or next to a bush.

4. Make sure your car is completely dry and clean before placing a car cover over it.

5. Placing of a car cover in many situations is easier with two pair of hands.

6. If you use one of our bicycle covers on a bike carrier, we advise you to secure these with straps or luggage straps to prevent rapid wear out caused by flapping in the wind.

7. Try to prevent puddles of rainwater on your cover as much as possible. After a heavy rain shower always check for puddles of rainwater and remove it if necessary.

8. Cleaning the cover:
– Brush off loose dirt with a soft bristle.
– Only rinse the cover with fresh water.
– Don’t use soap: it damages the water resistant coating.

9. Remove stains:
– Bird droppings: rinse off with water as much as possible and brush away the remainder with a soft bristle when it’s dry.
– Resin droplets: gently skim off with a spoon. Dry the remainder and then gently crush it between your fingers.

10. To keep your cover in good condition, it’s necessary to store it clean and dry.