BOXX SW indoor car cover
BOXX SW indoor car cover
BOXX SW indoor car cover
BOXX SW indoor car cover
BOXX SW indoor car cover
BOXX SW indoor car cover
BOXX SW indoor car cover

BOXX SW indoor car cover

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• Protects your car from scratches, dust and dirt in the garage / storage.
• Stretch-Fit for station wagon, avant, touring, estate.
• Material: stretch satin (breathable and super soft).
• Available in five colors: black, grey, green, blue and red.
• Anti-static (dust and dirt repellent).
• Elastic front and rear hem.
• Washable at 30 degrees.
• Comes in strong storage bag.

For an additional fee of € 39,95 you can have your BOXX SW indoor car cover customized with a print (logo, type, name). After your order we will contact you to discuss your wishes. The delivery time of a personalized cover is two weeks. More information.

• Safe online payment (ao PayPal)
• Delivery in 2-4 business days
• Return period 30 days
• Questions? +31 (0)55-203 2014 |

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More information

When you can’t drive your beloved station wagon for a while and have to park it in a garage or storage, we recommend to protect it from scratches and dirt with the BOXX SW indoor car cover.

The material of the BOXX SW indoor car cover is so called stretch satin. It is super soft and elastic which makes it fit your car properly. In addition, the material is breathable and dust and dirt repellent (anti-static). The cover is washable at 30 degrees.

The BOXX SW indoor car cover is available in two sizes and fits on almost any station wagon model. For many vehicle makes / models, we give a specific size advice, allowing you to easily select the right size. If your station wagon is not listed, you can always follow the measurement instruction to select the correct size.

Storage bag
The cover is supplied in a solid storage bag in which you can store or take it with you easily.

Size guide

Determine the right size of the cover by measuring the length of your car and compare it with the dimensions in the table below. As the cover is made from stretch satin, it will always fit your car properly. Not sure which size to choose, please contact us.

Car lengthSize
4.50 – 4.75 mtrM
4.75 – 5.00 mtrL

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