SWIFT DUO bicycle cover - DS COVERS
SWIFT DUO bicycle cover - DS COVERS
Rings in hem - SWIFT bicycle cover
Elastic hem - SWIFT bicycle cover
Anti-water tape - SWIFT bicycle cover
100% waterproof - SWIFT bicycle cover
Storage bag - SWIFT bicycle cover

SWIFT DUO bicycle cover


• Keep two e-bikes dry, clean and free from dust.
• Seams on the inside finished with anti-water tape.
• Strong elastic front and rear hem.
• Three brass rings on both sides just above hem.
• Material: durable ripstop (100% waterproof).
• Color: dark grey.
• Comes in handy storage bag.
• Suitable for bicycle handlebars up to 65-70 cm.
• Afmetingen: 210x125x65 cm.
• Weight: 950 gram.
• Suitable for two bicycles.
• Also available for one bicycle: SWIFT bicycle cover.

• Safe online payment (ao PayPal)
• Delivery in 2-4 business days
• Return period 30 days
• Questions? +31 (0)55-203 2014 | info@dscovers.com

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More information

The SWIFT DUO bicycle cover is not specifically designed to be used on the back of a camper or caravan. Depending on the type of bicycle carrier and / or the type of bicycle (s) it may be used for this purpose. If you do, secure the cover with an additional lashing strap or luggage binder to avoid fluttering. This extends the lifespan of the cover and increases driving comfort.

We do not recommend to use the SWIFT DUO bicycle cover on the back of a passenger car.

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