Scooter products

DS COVERS developed various protective products for scooter riders. During the development, much attention is paid to fit and functionality. Together with the usage of the best materials this results in strong and well thought through products. Need help? Please call us on +31 (0)55 203 2014 or send an e-mail.

CUP scooter cover (outdoor)
Strong outdoor cover.
€ 44,95 / € 49,95   View →
JUPP scooter leg cover
Protects against rain and cold.
€ 69,95   View →
CRUISERS scooter handlebar muffs
Keep your hands warm and dry.
€ 34,95   View →
BARR scooter cover (indoor)
Soft indoor cover.
€ 24,95 / € 27,95   View →
BINK scooter seat cover
Keeps your scooter saddle dry and clean.
€ 14,95   View →
Windscreen cover
Windscreen cover
Keeps your windscreen dry and clean.
€ 17,95   View →